Toy story 3 Review!

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Toy story 3 Review!

Post  Barry<3 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:39 pm

I have alot of other articles to right for diffrent things, so I'm sorry if it seems like I'm rushing through this. The original, " Toy story" came out in 1995 becoming the first computer generated movie ( correct me if im wrong, it was the first for somthing!) Three years later in 1998, we had " Toy story 2"
Toy story 3 picks up years later, when the toys owner " Andy" is going to college, and the fait of the toys is sorta...not certain.

* * * Warning: May contain spoilers ( not many!) * * *

The toys begin to have their doubts that Andy is going to take them to college with him, and there right. They have two choices, the Attic or the Trash. But when their mistakenly put in the trash, the toys think its real and become mad at Andy, ending up in a day care full of un wanted toys. What seems like paradise is really a prison for new toys, The villian Teddy bear uses andy's old toys to force them to play with the babies so he and his henchmen dont have to. The toys will then do what ever it takes to escape.
I'm going to stop before I spoil to much
( Im no good at summarizing)

I really liked this movie, alot. I saw it in 3D today with my mom. Im just a little boy so some of oyu may think diffrently about the movie. The scenes between Barbie and Ken were funny, watching them was like...watching a soap opra or somthen. It was weird! They kept breaken up and going back out and using each other. Reminds me of Jessie and I.
There is alot of action scenes in this movie, im really suprised, cuz its disney, also alot of the ending scenes are very sad, some of you softer people might start crying.

Anyway I liked this movie, i'd see it again

9.5/10 is my rating ^.^ hehe

haha am I any good at reviews?

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Re: Toy story 3 Review!

Post  TeamRocketJessie on Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:33 pm

I still need to see it T^T although i think TV did the spoiling for me but I dont know the details of it xD. We need to watch it maybe I'll find it online...

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