Rules for posting pictures

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Rules for posting pictures

Post  Barry<3 on Sat May 14, 2011 11:42 pm

Welcome to the photo sharing category! Here, you may post pictures of yourself or things you just find interesting with other members. However like other areas of the forum there are some rules Sad

1) No stealing images. For example if someone make's something and you post it here don't be all, "hey look at me, I'm bad ass and cool, I made this!"

2) No penis pictures! *cough Jessie. Nothing innapropriate for that matter.

3) You can make a new thread for pictures only ONCE month. That means if you have 3 pictures and want to show them off then make 1 thread for all of them, not 3 for each. We know people age so after a month go on ahead :p

4) Same rules that are on other forums apply. Behave.

5) Even if someone is ugly don't tell them that. Ether be like, "cool!" or comment on something esle in the photo. But noboies truely ugly right? hehe

That's it! Enjoy

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