Writing: A general Guide

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Writing: A general Guide

Post  Barry<3 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:32 pm

Enjoy guys <3

Remember this is just a general guide, ill cover grammer/spelling in another


Throughout the past few years I've seen some of my friends start writing books, but never finish them. This bothers me alot, because there ideas just have so much potential and you never know what could be the next great novel to become a best seller. I wish nothing but the best for them, but if they don't want to finish the book, I can't force them to.
In this guide, I'm going to talk about how you can finish and book and how to go about doing it. I am a victim myself, I've started a ton of work ive never finished, but earlier this year I finally finished a novel ( Thank god!)

So, Let's begin....

You can not be human and not have the ability to come up with ideas. Idea's are just the lego pieces of the final part, you keep building and building until you have a story together. You can write about anything, so long you develop a good plot and characters. For example I'm going to use a crime fighting squirell. sounds silly right? well allow the book to take place in a world where animals can talk, and kind of run the show. The squirell can be a super hero, maybe make it a flying squarrel so it can..well fly, super heroes can do that. ( Im aware they actually glide) and maybe this squirell battles the evil...bob beaver, ( just makin up names) Bob beaver wants to destroy the forest, but super squarell can't let that happan. there you go, a nice, silly childrens book. Would I read that if I was 5? Probably.
If you want a more mature theme, watch the news and find out whats happaning in the world today. Take notes about what you see. Carry a journal around and go to the park, obesere your surroundings, use them to your advantage. If you see a girl in the park, and she looks a little, depressed put yourself in her shoes, why is she depressed? what's going on? develop a story that way. Observe everything. Even if a plot seems silly, work with it, add and remove stuff until you have a better story, it's not like you have a due date, you have as much time as you give yourself. so try your best! Think of someone and put them in a unique situation

I suggest trying somthing unique, for example theres alot of vampire books popular right now, so dont do vampires do somthing esle!

Remember these when writing

Look at the other writing guide at pokejungle, these are just reminders on this part.

1. More details in your writing, That's always important. The reader will want to imagine it in their head like a movie.
2. Quotations. You need these everytime someone talks, don't use caps.
3. Add sensery details, touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. Bring your story to life.
4. Indent pararaphs, Press the "Tab" Key

Once you have a plot and can write, now what?

Begin writing. for new writers I suggest writing a childrens novel, or young adult. why? Because the chapters are generally shorter and it will be easier in the long run. Also young adult novels tend to sell better.
Outline your story, DO NOT START ON THE ACTUAL MANUSCRIPT FIRST. You have to know where your walking because you can take a step. Blind people are the exeption ( lol). An outline normally contains every scene writtin, time, date, what happans and what characters there. To be really honest, I don't do that. For me it's not needed but if you need to do it go ahead. In substitute for that, I just write a really long synopsis ( about 9/10 pages). You dont have to include conversarion or anything like the actual manuscript, just list everything that happans. Every twist and turn in the story must be present so you know what to do! remember this is only for you.

Go into alot of detail. That what I know all the major events, and can add minor stuff as I write, for me as long as I know where I'm going Im okay. THIS PREVENTS WRITIERS BLOCK!!!!! I've seen so many people give up because of that. It's anoying for everyone!

Get a friend thats also a wirter, gain support.

One reason why people give up is lack of support. Find a friend thats interested in writing, and both write novels. You'll feel alot better if someone esle is doing the same thing. You can also exchange chapters and challenge each other. Tell your family what your doing and gain support. Know in your mind that you CAN do it, look at the positives, not the negatives. I am here for anyone who ever has trouble, just private message me and I'll help to the best of my abilities or give you advice. I'm not sure if anyone esle here is a hard core writing but you can message them to lol

Some tips:

1. Make a face book page, blog or any other social networking page. This can also be used later for marketing.
2. Tell a teacher ( they usually make a huge deal of it and start telling people)

Now its time to write that novel

Here is what I suest for new writers. Get a cup of water, make sure you won't be doing anything for the next hour, and just sit at your computer. Close every window that could serve as a distraction.
write 500 words.

No it isnt. 500 words can be done in less then thirty minutes if you work, probably sooner then that. 500 words is nothing. Just write 500 words, then get off the computer.
Do it every day, over time it will build up!
Yound adult novels are at least 40,000 words, and you've already writtin 500. Only 39,500 more to go. Thats only about 2 and a half months it will take you to finish the book. and if you get to where you can write 1,000 words a day, it will take you less then two months to write it.
Just do a little bit every day and not stop, you need to get into the habit of doing it. I've writtin 5,000 words in one night, most people who write regularly do that at that kind of level, but for beginners dont bring to much on yourself and please stick with 500. If you have to do 300, over time you'll get used to it!
Remember if it gets boring, or need advice please contact me and we can talk ^^


1.Have character development make sure one changes throughout the book. People like this. Have some background on every character, at least a little.

2.Make sure the hero doesnt always win, and when he does make it come at a price. This makes novels so much better and realistic, you cant have someone always win.

3.people will always support you, find that person, Remember what I said earlier

4. To avoid lack of interest, try to think of elements you could add to make it more exciting for yourself

5. Every sentence should move the story along or explain a character

5. Avoid over working, somtimes set the novel aside for a week, BUT GET BACK TO IT AFTER THAT, or you never will :3

By the way, I dont claim to be a beast writing, I actually think im the worst. Maybe this post has a huge amount of grammer and spelling errors ( I wouldnt doubt it!! lol) But I hope it helps!


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Re: Writing: A general Guide

Post  TeamRocketJessie on Sat Nov 13, 2010 6:00 pm

Yes, me too I'm also available to listen and give you ideas on your story. I am however one of those writers who needs to heed Barry's advice... haha on the consistancy area.

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