Iron Man: review

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Iron Man: review

Post  Barry<3 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:42 pm

anyway I just got done ( months ago) watching one of the coolest movies ever. First before I say anything esle about the movie, lets get some background done. I dont know anything about super heroes. never liked them, super man was soo over used. like..theres to many knock offs of him. Spider man was a nerd, Batman is to scary, so i ended up settling on Iron man. Who looks pretty kick-ass!
It's basically about a guy ( tony stark) who owns a weapons company, and he gets captured by the enemy. while there he's forced to make weapons for them, but instead he builds the first bulky iron man suit and flees.
After returning home, he quickly gets to work on a newer-better iron man suit, wanting to get rid of the very weapons he created, because he never meant to put anyone in danger. His uncle betrays him and makes his own suit. Okay I don't wanna spoil it I;m sorry but it was great! Very great!
Iron man is good because he doesnt actually have any powers and he isnt super human. He;s just rich! Just another example of how money controls the modern world. Maybe Obama will be the next super hero who knows. Or bill gates, he;s already a nerd.
I knew nothing about Iron man before I saw this movie, I dunno how any hard core fans felt about it but it was cool.
I know it came out two years ago but better late then nenver.
even my mom liked the movie 0.o

I rate this movie 9/10

9 because it had some parts i thought were scarrrry and ive never seen so many middle eastern people in my life! not that I dont like them but were like at war with them! ( i think!)

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