Let's Talk About Some Music, Shall We?~

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Let's Talk About Some Music, Shall We?~

Post  TeamRocketJessie on Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:48 pm

Ahh I guess I am the lucky one to make the first post on music. =) Recently I have came upon owning character songs and themese fromt he Anime Axis Powers Hetalia. Today when driving home from the country I was playing my iPod on the stereo. I have all the current official Marukaite Chikyuu's and Hata Futte Parade character songs.... well I was playing them all the way home one after another. I think I annoyed my mom but she let me xD ~on a side note I think it was Prussia's marukaite chikyuu that annoyed her the most... for obvious reasons. Post the kind of music u like =D and weird/funny/unusual experiences while listening to it. ^^

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