If you could change the PKm anime

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If you could change the PKm anime

Post  Barry<3 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:34 pm

If you could change the pokemon anime, what would you do, why?

Unfortunatly I no longer watch The english dubb for several reasons. I really don't wanna rant but I guess I kind of will. One if their voices. I can't stand Ash and James the most. They stand out. Now before I was able to ignore that and kind of get used to it but another thing has started to get on my nervs: Ash. He's alweays saying something stupid, or doing something stupid. If you've seen enough diamond and pearl you'll know what I'm talking about. The show now seems to be aimed at really small kids. I don't like that.
I will however watch Diamond and pearl in japanese. I like it alot better!

If I could change the anime I'd change it up a bit. Like all of the plots for every season is the same, I would change that. He would still earn badges but there would be some kind of over all plot ( and not like the pokemon master excuse lol) It's hard to explain what I'd do. Sorta like the N stuff in Black/white I guess i dunno.

A second this is I would add more Team Rocket. I love them more then I love the Ash and his friends. I think their funny and really stupid in a good way, thats mostly why I write parodies of them all the time. I love Jessie's attitute so much ( mostly in season 1) I don't think of Jessie and James evil at all, I just think their trying to get attention. Plus I love their creepy stalker like behavoir to Ash and co

and they kind of took away brocks pervertness.

I love the anime and will continue to watch it ( in japanese!) I really didnt wanna turn this into a rant post but I kind of did. sorry! But Thats all I would change.

what would you?: D

Appreciate it. If you wanna tell me what you think of what I would change go ahead! I'm open for it. Im also aware id probably make the anime worse But be polite.

Pokemon rocks though <3 I'm looking forward to the rest of best wishes


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