Victini and the Black hero

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Victini and the Black hero

Post  Barry<3 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:36 pm

So the name of the 14rth Movie is out and will be called " Victini & The Black hero"
Im not sure how many people know, so I thought i'd share it here.

If you guessed it the movie stars Victini! and if Japanese names confuse you as much as they do now Victini is the cute psychic/fire type legendary with the big ears! He was one of the first legendary event pokemon for pokemon black and white.
The plot is unknown.

What do you people think it will be about?
I have absolutly no idea what it could be about, I just hope it's going to be as epic as the first couple pokemon movies! Best wishes seems to be doing things right so far so im hoping the movie wont dissapoint. It's also staring my favorite b/w legendary!
I have a feeling this movie will take place around when Ash gets to huin city ( because I think thats where he is found in the game via the event. someone can correct me if im wrong)

I can't wait for this movie : )
I still need to see Phantom champion zoroark


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